Volunteer Sign Up

As our event grows, we are in need of a number of adult volunteers to work with our students. We ask that you fill out the volunteer form linked below. After the form is filled out we will contact you for any personal information that we require to do a small background check as a safety precaution for our school children. Please be sure to fill out the form in its entirety. If you are coming with multiple people, you may fill out the form once with everyone’s information. If you are a reenactor or reenactment group please fill this out as well so that we have documentation of who is attending our event. Thanks!!


Volunteers and Reenactors please fill out this form (Click the Link):

Volunteer Form 2019


If you are a Willard High School student who would like to return and help this year, print this and turn in to Mr. von Kamp second semester with teacher’s signatures. He will inform you if you are selected:

High School Volunteer Form



Some of the Different Stations and Dinner information if you are interested in learning a bit about what we will be doing:

Appropriate colonial dinner toasts

Colonial Food Recipes


Tin Punch Patterns

Candle Making

Woodworking- Making a Rope Bed

Drilling and Commands

Medicine During the Rev War

Espionage and Quill Making

Fife and Drum Music

Pottery in the Colonies

Beginning Knitting